Download Evernote for Android

Beta released



One of my favorite webapps just released their native Google Android app: Evernote, the great "I eat really ALL kind of notes/pictures/whatever and make them searchable and have a plugin for everything with a power-plug"- application reached beta state.





To download, point with your Adroid browser here:



HowTo install:


1.) Download .apk

2.) Open it with the paket installer

3.) It won't work, but point you to the preferences

4.) check the "Unknown sources"-whatever (first one)

5.) Open it again with the paket installer => install


6.) Better swich back

     Menu => Preferences => Apps => Unknown sources

     for security reasons



Problems with installing => comment!

Remember that this is a beta. If you find bugs, please report them to the developers at Evernote!